Sunday, October 30, 2005

Pre-Halloween Fun...

Wednesday, October 26th, 2005 around 8pm

Like our movie week of Star Wars, we had scary movie night, showing a double feature of Dawn of the Dead (2004) and Amityville Horror (2005), to which we had one guest, Mark, who actually had been "dying" to see Dawn of the Dead on our tv. We made a small dent in our stash of Halloween treats we bought for the weekend, and I thoroughly enjoyed my candy corn, which I only eat during this time of year.

Friday, October 28th, 2005 around 10pm

We decided to head down to the AMC Fenway to buy tickets to the midnight showing of The Shining, one of those spur of the moment decisions since there wasn't anything we really wanted to see that we hadn't already. But before treating ourselves to such a movie gem, we head to Boston Billiards for some munchies and drinks and where we meet up with Mark, our fellow movie buff, along with throngs of costume-clad folks. There was a private party being held there, and we had the pleasure of seeing quite the characters.

But even before passing Fenway Park, we ran into my favorite costume that night - Ace and Gary, the ambiguously gay duo from Saturday Night Live. Their costumes were perfect, from the right shade of blue down to their yellow rain boots. They even showed us a hilarious photo they took earlier that night. They actually ended up at Boston Billiards as well. Other memorables included Pimp Dentist, Lance Armstrong - he had the perfect build for it, sexy pilot, Tinkerbell (who gave Mark an accidental peek), two pairs of Mario and Luigi, a diver, a condom, a Sugar Daddy, Dr. Ben Dover, Olivia Newton-John, perhaps?, Avril Lavigne, a Ghostbuster, a gorilla, a dinosaur, an eight ball (looked blah, but we were in a pool hall), a bride, a plethora of angels and demons...

We were having so much fun seeing everyone in costume, that we got to the theater uncharacteristically late, resulting in our sitting in the third row. It was Mark's first time seeing The Shining, and after seeing different parts at different times, Brian and I finally saw it in its entirety. It was fantastic, and I found myself laughing more than being terrified, although it does have its moments.

Saturday, October 29th, 2005, around 7pm

At the Roeser's, Ms. Kate Veatch and Peter La Fleur have a small photo shoot...

Who made him captain?

Wearing a child size 7-8 costume bought at CVS, Spidey leaves little to the imagination...

Mr.Pringles...once you pop, you can't stop
"...Lady in red..."

...a Yale University janitor, his white trash, and a NJ devil...

...Mr. Cowboy makes yet another appearance this year (that's 3 in a row...), giving a prize for the closest guess (18lbs, 2oz) of little candy corn's weight, which was 18lbs, 9oz (?)

...later that night at Boston Billiards

Alex de Large...what did I hear about two types of with a cod piece (see full-length photo below), one without...(why DO they call it "cod"?)

walk like an Egyptian...or try running in Boston without getting hit by a car (or two)

The announcer likes what he sees as Spidey struts his stuff on the dance floor and goes on to win third place in the Halloween costume contest, behind a Stargate character and a sheep-...

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wait...that doesn't seem quite right

a jon gero gets some pointers...

Spidey teaching Kate how to salsa...

a beat up Yankees fan enjoys Spidey's growing stomach

Spidey pulls off low-riders rather well...ladies take notice. No crack, no underwear. Granted, it is held together with staples.

welcome rastafarian...where's jon?

...there he is...Spidey bent on distracting him.

she blinded me with...thumbs

Peter's 16, Kate's 10...details, details

Kate's version of "Thriller" (looks much better with at least one other person, as Elmer, David, Hoong-San, and Curious George can attest to...)

Remember to "Grab life by the balls" (European version) or at least rub them...

On a side note, I guess mischief night started early, since eggs were flying from moving cars that night, one hitting Peter on our way back to Spidey's unlocked vehicle.